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Bryandale Pre-Primary School has a long-standing tradition and pride in a learner-centred programme that aims at the comprehensive education of all learners.

Parents and teachers work together at school and at home to instil core values, and the school offers a base of clear communication and support. The dedicated and passionate staff work together as a dynamic team; and on-going professional development is imperative in their endeavour to properly prepare learners to function independently in a twenty-first century world.

Bryandale Pre-Primary is a member of ISASA.

Latest News

Newsletter (No. 4) 8 February 2018

Dear Parents,
Our theme for the next two weeks will be Our Family. We will focus on members of our family and what makes a family. As a school we are very aware that families come in many different forms and each family is unique.


Newsletter (No. 5) 15 February 2018

I apologise for the problems many of you have experienced in the parking area during the afternoon. “Kumon maths” have been using our parking area in the afternoons and it has been causing congestion.


Star of the Week

Every Friday every child has a turn to be the “star of the week”. The child brings a poster, which the child has made with the parents. The poster is all about the child and includes pictures of the child’s favourite things eg. Food, restaurant, activities etc and pictures of the family pets and anything else which is special to the child. The child is given the opportunity to show the children their poster and to discuss it. The child wears a star badge and the poster is displayed in the classroom for a week.

Comments & Feedback

Dearest Gill, Nadine and Angela,

WOW! What a terrific show last night. Thank you so much for your hard work, it really paid off. It was so special to see the littlies perform so well. Very entertaining. Makes me a very proud mommy.


Mini Walk & Market Fun Day

Join us on 7 May for our Annual Fun Day. It promises to be fun filled morning with many exciting activities, entertainment and delicious food. Fun Class Stalls, Face Painting, Playball Workshops, Fun Races, Skydivers, Large Inflatables, Rides and much much more.

Come and join in the fun!

Live your Passion

Meet our teachers

Nadine Correia Red Class - Grade Head
Daniela Riva Green Class
Hayleigh Alexander Blue Class
Lauren Matthewson – Woolard Yellow Class
Michelle Aylott Daycare
Nicola Atkison Assistant
Rosalind van der Merwe Orange Class